An artist influenced by her Chippewa Native American culture, Claudia captures both the spirit and symbolism of the Native American in her paintings. Currently based in sunny Santa Monica, California, Claudia's paintings can be viewed at exhibits and shows throughout Southern California. Her works have been shown in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Southwest Museum (Nov. 2003); Bolder Creek and Felton in the Santa Cruz mountains of California (Sept. 2003); Southwest Museum/Gene Autry Museum, Inner Tribal Marketplace where artists are accepted by submission only (Nov. 2003 and Nov. 2004).

In February 2004 a collection of her one-of-a-kind paintings were on exhibit at the Hidden Café, 1515 Palisades Dr., Pacific Palisades, California. (See article below.)


“Unity” shows a baby with “old soul eyes”. “The baby knows the white buffalo is her protection and very powerful,” says the artist.

Claudia Brentwood Exhibits Her Native American Spirit
(Pacific Palisades, California, February 19, 2004)

Native American artist Claudia Brentwood exhibited her work at the Hidden Café. The show included a collection of 3-by-4 feet acrylic canvases, and a number of gyclee and paint framed pieces.

Brentwood is a member of the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota, where her grandmother and mother grew up. She spent summers on the reservation attending a number of powwows, which ultimately guided the direction her art would take.

“I always seek to create unity and harmony and am driven to bring the spirit of the Native American forward,” Brentwood says.

“The Native American culture and ways are opened to all. One can choose to go lightly or with depth. I use my art to provide the viewer a glimpse into the true spirit of the Indian, bypassing the surface and diving into the essence.

“In ‘Spirit Grandmother,’ the adornment is abstract because it is really inconsequential. The true adornment and beauty lie in the woman’s dignity.

“In ‘Unity,’ the white buffalo looks over an infant. The infant represents purity and wisdom, trusting the white buffalo for its safety in this world. The white buffalo is a highly sacred symbol representing hope and renewal for all humanity through harmony between all peoples of the world.”

-Palisades Post, Pacific Palisades, California, USA


Claudia Brentwood Gets the Cover of Sphere's Magazine
(Los Angeles, California, May 2005)

Sphere's Women's cover art

Sphere's Magazine - Claudia Brentwood


Sphere's Men's cover art

Sphere's Magazine - Claudia Brentwood



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